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Augusta Image File Using Scaled Model Parameters Values





1) From the file Menu select 'Export', 'Export Raster Image Format ...','GeoTIFF', 'Tip' ... this brings up the GeoTIFF

   options window. In the options window Select '8-bit Palette Image'. Set the Palette to 'Grayscale - min is black'.

   Check 'Export at Fixed Scale 1:' set the scale factor at 9600. Set the DPI value in 'TIFF Format Options' to 500.





2) Click on the 'Export Bounds' tab at the top of the window to set the bounding box. Select the 'Corner w/Size' option.

    Enter the NW corner saved from exporting the elevation grid SHAPE file, and enter the scaled Width as 15 and

    the Height as 10. The 'Reset to Last Exported Bounds' button is an easy way to set these values if the 

    model elevation grid was the last file export. Be sure both the NW location is the same as that for the previously

    exported SHAPE file.




3) Click OK. Name the image file and append IMAGE and a sequence number: AugustaIMAGE1. Click Save.


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