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                    All model costs are quoted. This information gives you an idea what to expect for pricing.



Standard Laser Marked USGS Models, Scales 1"=2000', 1"=1000', 1"=500'   


           Model Relief     Cost Per Square Foot    

               3" and less                 $320             

               3"  to 5"                     $400                         

               5"  to 7"                     $480                          


Standard models are bare earth, use USGS public data for shape and image and have rectangular border. They are restricted to date, quality and resolution of available USGS data. Standard models use 10 pound foam, 10000 data points per square inch and fine tool resolution.


Price includes: Material, USGS DEM shape data (project, scale, cut), USGS orthoimage (assemble image, project, scale, convert color image to grayscale), register image to shape data NW corner, clip image to shape border, coat model for laser marking, laser mark image on model surface, seal image, crate model for shipping. Price does not include shipping cost.


To submit a site for a model, identify your model bounds using the add polygon tool in Google Earth. Email the kmz file for the polygon to us along with the desired model size. Minimun standard model size is 3 square foot.





1)  San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge


    Model size: 21" x 21"


    scale: 1"=2000'


    1480' of relief =.74" model relief.


    Model square feet: (21 x 21)/144=3.06


    Total Cost:     3.06 x 320= $979





2) Mt St. Helens 


    Model size: 18" x 24"


    scale: 1=2000'


    Reilief: 6900',  3.45" model relief.


    Model square feet: (18 x24)/144=3


    Total Cost: 3 x 400=$1200






Polyurethane Foam Board Cost


Cost of polyurethane foam board varies with the price of oil and is subject to change.

Polyurethane is ordered in 4' x 8' sheets.


Price per board foot (1/16/15) is:


 10 pound density: $5.50/BF        20 pound density: $11.00/BF      30 pound density: $22.00/BF       70 pound density: $52.00/BF 




Base Model Cost


Base models are unpainted, cut topographic models and are usually finished by model shops. Cost for a base model varies widely depending on model characteristics such as size, data resolution, complexity of shape and tool resolution.  Base model cost is:

cost for material + cost for cutting + cost for data + cost to pack and ship. Cost for cutting is typically in the range of $40 to $300 per square foot. Architecural base models are typically lower cost. High resolution display models cost more. Because there are many factors to consider,  we often simulate the cutting process to determine the cutting cost. 


Cost for data

Data supplied in STL or BIL format requiring no modification has no added cost. There may be a charge for converting DXF or DWG CAD file polyline contours to a solid model for cutting. There may be a charge for downloading public data. These charges are generally small but based on the time it takes to make the shape data file for cutting.


Cutting Cost Per Square Foot Base Model Examples

















 Google Earth 

Google Earth

2) $264 per square foot

Display Base Model, 16" x 32" x .593" relief, .015" diameter ball tool, Mars MOLA data, 200 data points per inch data resolution, plastic.

1) $84 per square foot

52 contours, data from an STL file, 34" x 44" x 1.0", .05" tool,  100 data points per inch data resolution, 15 pound foam.

Data Services Available at Hourly Rate.  Call for Details.

3) $233 per square foot

Aspen, Colorado, 665 stepped contours, 40" x 26" x 3.14"relief, .05" diameter tool, 15 pound foam.

4) $223 per square foot

Boulder County, Colorado, 472 stepped contours, 30" x 42" x 3.3" relief, 20 pound foam, .05" diameter tool.

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