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Painted Laser Marked Models

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National forrest site in Michigan with 3:1 vertical magnification.

Scale: 1” = 200 feet, 3:1 vertical, 42” x 27” x 2.8"

Shape from USGS 3 meter lidar. Image USGS 1 foot ortho.


Right: magnified section of the model showing forrest detail.


Artist David Kennet. See more art by David Kennet at:

Wyoming. Scale 1" = 600'. Shape data USGS 10 meter. Image State of Wyoming mapping portal .5 meter. Artist Diane Martin.

Smooth Models

Valles Cauldera, NM    

Scale: 1" = 4000', 10% vertical exageration, 23.5" x 32.5" x 1.48", 1 meter lidar merged with USGS 10 meter, material: plastic ... touchable

High resolution desk top display of the Valles Cauldera.


Printed Models

Colorado 30" x 22". Scale: 1" = 12.9 miles. 3:1 vertical. Lambert Conformal Conic.

Printed model images offer high resolution detail and color. Base for this models is shown in the Display and Archetectural Base Models section below. Beautiful high resolution color printed model.

Photos curtesy Howard Models.

Laser Marked Grayscale Models

94" x 96" x 3.6" base model with image overlay. Two section model with foam bonded to 1" MDF. Some buildings are carved into model as a part of the topography. Tight CNC machining tolerances allow 3D bridges to be made separately through additive process and close fitted to the base.


Finished model in the lobby of Westminister City Hall, Westminister, CO.

Quarry ... spectacular extreme topography with buildings, trees, objects such as cars and tires and high resolution image overlay. Scale is 1" =68', model size 11" x 30" x 4.28" in 20 pound foam.


"Mouse Trap" intersection of !25 and I70 in Denver, CO.

Lidar data used for road and bridge topography. Image from USGS 1 foot orthoimage. Model size 47" x 72", scale 1" = 514 feet, 1.5 vertical magnification.

West Denver, Colorado, scale 1" = 2167'.

Shape: USGS 10 meter data. Image: USGS .6 meter orthoimagery.

24" x 48" with 1.38" of relief. 

40 pound density foam.


Golden, Colorado is located on the right side of the model.

Golden, Colorado

Scale 1"=500'

Shape: USGS 3 meter data. Image: USGS .6 meter orthoimagery.

27" x 48" x 4.5" relief

Analytics Using Global Mapper or CAD

Contour lines, range rings, watershed analysis, view shed analysis, high and low point location can be calculated and marked on the surface of solid terrain models.

Green Mountain, West of Denver, Colorado


Size: 11" x 12" x 1.68", scale: 1" - 400'. Shape is from Colorado GeoCache lidar data. The image is from USGS .6 meter data. Contour lines are on 10 meter intervals. Four circular range rings have a 200 meter spacing and are centered on the peak of Green Mountain. Calculated water drainage is marked as valley "stream bed" lines. Line width for all lines was 3 pixels. The image resolution is 500 pixels per inch.

1:24000 scale model of  Mount Saint Helens.

Shape from 3 meter USGS lidar.

Image from 1 meter USGS orthoimagery.

18" x 24" with 3.45" relief.


Left, coastal real estate developement in Mexico.

Shape is from a land survey DXF file.

Image was from CAD file showing lot lines, lot numbers and street names.

Street names less than .02" high clearly visible.


Right, 6" x 6" plastic pressure cast geometric shapes with a .1" grid line overlay.

Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Centered on the Old Mill Golf Course.
Shape is bare earth Lidar from the Utah AGRC mapping portal.
Image is from Utah AGRC 5 cm orthoimagery.
Scale is 1"=300'. Model size is 18" x 27" with 4.54" relief.

4 pound foam.


Columbus, Ohio

Shape: Ohio OGRIP bare earth high resolution lidar

Image: Ohio OGRIP 1 foot image

Top: scale 1"=200', 1:1 vertical

Bottom: scale 1"=1000', 3:1 vertical

Base Model Before Coating and Laser Marking 

Display and Architecture Base Models 

Engineering, Mining


Mars, Venus

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