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Standard USGS Laser Marked Models with Scales at 1"=2000', 1"=1000', 1"=500'


USGS 3 Meter and 10 Meter Coverage Area


                    SHAPE                                                  IMAGE                                                           SHAPE                                             IMAGE

   USGS 10 Meter Elevation Coverage          USGS 1 meter Image Coverage                   USGS 3 Meter Elevation Coverage     USGS 1 Foot Image Coverage

         Model scale 1"=2000' and 1" = 1000', full coverage continental US                                     Model scale 1"=500', covearge of about 15% of US

Specify the Site Bounds

Select a model scale. In Google earth, draw a box around the model site. Minimize the model size to reduce cost. Use the Google Earth zoom and distance scale to view and verify model image feature size.


Email the site KMZ file for cost. Please include a contact name and phone number.



Example: Louisville, KY ... 1"= 1000' scale


In Google Earth draw a box around the site.                                  Model length is 38.2"                                                Model width is 18.7"

Email us the site KMZ file.


We generate the GeoTiff SHAPE and IMAGE files (below) to make the model from USGS data. You review and approve before making the model.

     SHAPE   3901 x 1901   100 points per inch                IMAGE   19500 x 9500    500 pixels per inch           IMAGE and SHAPE combined to verify alignment

The model size was increased from 18.7" x 38.2" to 19" x 39" for one inch size increments. USGS 1 meter orthoimagery was used for the IMAGE. USGS 3 meter and 10 meter elevation data were used for the SHAPE. A UTM projection was used.


The site has 271' of relief (high 650' - low 379') or .271" model relief. Vertical exaggeration of 2 or 3 would increase model relief.

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