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CAD Files


Email your DWG/DXF site plans for evaluation.

Include the model scale and site boundary.

Contour lines need to be coverted to solid a model and then to STL.

We also accept CAD files in STL format.



ExampleCAD Program Is AutoDesSys Formz


This is a stepped contour base model. The source data is a DWG file [1] derived from survey data with 1 meter contours. The area of interest is shown in [2].

A border was drawn around the site [3]. Side view [4] shows the contour elevations. 



The model was scaled to 1:200 scale. A solid model was extruded and positioned inside a 21" x 34" box with lower left corner at the origon. [5] shows a top down view of the boxed scaled model. The exported STL file is shown in [6]. 



The roads and lot lines for laser marking were overlayed on the model to verify feature alignment [7]. Some corner registration marks a placed in the image for aligning the border for laser marking. The solid model is deleted leaving the 23" x 34" box and the features to be marked [8]. After coloring the box white, turning off the world axis, grid lines, reference plane axis and setting the display size at 11500 x 17000 pixels ... the image for laser marking is shown in [9].


The shape STL file was imported to the CNC printer for cutting. False color contours are shown in [10]. A rendered view of the solid model is shown in [11].

The finished model [12] has 7.75" overall height, contour height  .19685" (1 meter at 1:200 scale), 35 contours, and 6.89" relief.

    Source Data: DWG File            Area of Interest         Bordered Site                                 Side View of Contours                              Solid Model    SHAPE STL File

                    1                                      2                               3                                                        4                                                          5                       6

Image/Shape Overlay     Boxed Image             IMAGE                               Contours        SHAPE Perspective View                          Finished Model

              7                              8                         9                                         10                              11                                                      12

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