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Augusta Elevation Grid Using Unscaled Parameter Values


 1) Light colored area is the USGS orthoimage. Down load more data than you need to allow

    flexibility to adjust bounds and possibly avoid having to down load more data if your map

    projection leaves some areas in the bounding box undefined.







 2) Export the elevation grid using the GeoTIFF option. Image files deselected.

    Set the File Type as Elevation (32 bit floating point samples).

    Enter the calculated XY grid spacing value 2.4384 meters.

    Check "Interpolate to fill small gaps in data".




3) Select the 'Export Bounds' tab to set the export bounds. First draw a box encompassing your

    area of interest. This will establish a NW corner point and an initial bounding box size.

    Select the 'Corner w/Size' Option.

    Enter 3657.6 for Width and 2438.4 meters for Height. These are the unscaled model dimensions.

    Manually change the the location of the NW corner to fine tune.

    Write down and save the NW corner position. This position is used for both the shape and the

    image. It is critcal that this position is the NW corner location for both exported files.



4) Click OK at the bottom of the GeoTIFF Options window. The 'Save As' window opens.

    Name the file and append SHAPE and append a sequence number:  AugustaSHAPE1.


    Click 'Save'.





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