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Exporting the image file


Go to the Overlay Control Center and select your image file/files for export.


Make the following selections in Global Mapper:


                  FIle Menu

                        "Export Elevation Raste/Image Format ...."

                              "GeoTIFF"  file format

                                     "Tip Window" click OK


This brings you to the "GeoTIFF Export Option" window.


                    In the "GeoTIFF Options" window

                    Check "8-bit Palette Image"

                    Select Palette as   Grayscale - Min is Black

                    Check  "Export at fixed Scale 1:" _______     <--- enter your scale (this is the same scale as the SHAPE file)

                    In "TIFF Format Options" enter a DPI value of 500   <---- the laser marks at 500 DPI

                    Check "Interpolate to fill small gaps in data"


At the top of the "GeoTIFF Export Option" window select "Export Bounds". This brings up the "Export Bounds" window.


                     In the "Export Bounds" window

                     Hit the "Draw Box" button, draw the bounding box.

                     Check "Scaled Corner w/Size"

                     Enter the Width _____    and    Height _____     <---- in inches, use only whole numbers

                                                                                                              (use the same size as for the SHAPE file)


 Your model image overlay is ready for export. Click OK. The Save as window displays.

                      Name the TIFF file and append the word IMAGE to the name to identify it as an IMAGE grid file.

                      Click OK to save the file.



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